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The Wolf of Wall Street (The Long and Short of It)

The Wolf of Wall Street

  Leonardo DiCaprio plays Wall Street heavy hitter Jordan Belfort in this Martin Scorsese-directed biopic. Under the tutelage of Matthew McConaughey’s Mark Hanna, Jordan, a man from humble-beginnings, quickly learns how to talk his clients into buying just about any stock he wants them to buy, even the worthless ones. When he loses his job […]

What I Learned Today – October 4, 2012

The phrase for today is team up.     Zak Penn, the guy who wrote X-men: The Last Stand (blecht!) and The Incredible Hulk (eh), is teaming up with lead writer of The Fast and the Furious franchise (meh), Chris Morgan, to create a movie that described as “an action film in the vein of […]