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After Earth

After Earth - Featured

  I live in fear. I’m afraid of feeling physical pain, my loved ones feeling any pain, dying (not death), clustered holes (unofficially known as trypophobia), being thought of as less than smart, and being thought of as less than a man. These fears dictate many of the decisions I make on a daily basis. […]



  This past weekend I had planned on seeing a movie called The Wall (Die Wand in German) as part of FilmFest DC 2013, Washington DC’s annual celebration of foreign films. It was about a woman who finds herself cut off from civilization when an invisible wall suddenly surrounds her as she’s hiking through the […]

The Watch (A Small Review)

The Watch

What’s it about? When a murder takes place in the suburbs of Glenview, Illinois, local do-gooder Evan Troutwig (played by Ben Stiller) starts a neighborhood watch to find the killer and protect his fellow citizens. He’s joined by three neighbors. There’s Bob (played by Vince Vaughn). He’s just your average suburbanite, married with a kid. […]


What’s it about? It’s the future, and time travel exists. When the mob wants someone killed, they send him/her back in time where a hitman, or a Looper, is waiting to kill that person. Everything changes for one particular Looper when the person sent back to be killed is his future self. via YouTube Who […]