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Annabelle Review

Annabelle Movie

  So a man buys his pregnant wife a doll to complete the set she’s been collecting. And wouldn’t you just know it, the doll has a demon in it (more or less). Very quickly, bad things start to happening to the couple. They try to explain it away logically, and of course that fails. […]

The Maze Runner (The Long and Short of It)

The Maze Runner

  Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien) awakens inside a rising elevator. He has no idea where he is, how he got there or even who he is. The elevator stops, and the doors open in the middle of a field to the hardened faces of more young men. These boys barely know any more about […]

Locke Review

Locke, written and directed by Steven Wright and starring Tom Hardy

Ivan Locke drives a BMW. I own a Mazda 6. Since I got it a month ago, I’ve been using any excuse to go for a drive. The acceleration is powerful, it handles smoothly, and it looks great. Yet as much as I love my Mazda, it’s still, in essence, a way to get from […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

  I enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I didn’t expect that. The movie opens with the misplaced-in-time Captain Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) running laps around the national mall in my current hometown of Washington, DC. After a brief and even cute encounter with fellow jogger Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie), he’s […]

Aftershock (The Long and Short of It)

Aftershock, directed by Nicolás López, written by Guillermo Amoedo, Nicolás López and Eli Roth.

  An American, known only as The Gringo (and played by Eli Roth), is on a vacation in Chile with two of his South American buddies. They spend most of their time partying and trying to get laid, and when they meet three single women, that gets a little easier. The six begin traveling together, […]

Ride Along (The Long and Short of It)

Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, directed by Tim Story

  Ben (played by Kevin Hart) is a security guard who wants to marry his girlfriend, Angela (played by Tika Sumpter), but it’s important to her to he first get the approval of her big brother. James (played by Ice Cube) is an Atlanta police officer who thinks Ben is a joke of a man, […]

The Wolf of Wall Street (The Long and Short of It)

The Wolf of Wall Street

  Leonardo DiCaprio plays Wall Street heavy hitter Jordan Belfort in this Martin Scorsese-directed biopic. Under the tutelage of Matthew McConaughey’s Mark Hanna, Jordan, a man from humble-beginnings, quickly learns how to talk his clients into buying just about any stock he wants them to buy, even the worthless ones. When he loses his job […]