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Elysium (The Long and the Short of It)


  In 141 years from now, Earth will be so overpopulated that the wealthiest people will abandon the planet and establish their home  in an orbiting space station called Elysium. Earth will belong to the downtrodden, and the never the two groups shall meet. That’s where things stand at the beginning of Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium. […]

Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6

  Fast & Furious 6 caught me off guard. For starters I had no intention of seeing it when I did. My buddy John and I had gone to the theater to see an advance screening of After Earth. Unfortunately we got there too late, and all the first-come-first-served seats had been completely served. So […]

What I’m Watching At Home: Battle Royale

Battle Royale - Netflix

Viewed on February 9, 2013 via Netflix Streaming (Buy Battle Royale) I didn’t follow this movie as closely as I would have liked. I had a hyperactive four-year-old nephew sitting on my lap for most of it. Luckily it wasn’t a movie that I needed to follow closely (though it probably would have helped). The […]

Gangster Squad


  If you’ve seen the trailers for Gangster Squad, then you pretty much know what to expect. Mickey Cohen (played by Sean Penn) is a mob king pin in 1940’s Los Angeles. He has a monopoly on the drug, guns, and prostitute supply out there, and now he’s trying to take over the wire betting […]

End of Watch

End of Watch - Feat

Now this is what I’m talking about: an action(ish) movie with well-developed characters you can actually care about and whose well-being through the end is not a given. If you’ve read some of my reviews for action movies, you know that one of the biggest issues I have with them is how predictable they are. […]

Premium Rush (A Small Review)

928290 - Premium Rush

What’s it about? Wilee (yes, like the coyote) is a New York bike messenger. He rides a fixed gear bike, and he doesn’t have any brakes because without brakes he has to be alert at all times. When he approaches an intersection at breakneck speed, as he’s wont to do, he can’t simply stop; he […]

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Early ads for The Amazing Spider-Man claimed that we were going to get “the untold story” this time. It was a major selling point and important one too since we were all wondering how this movie was going to be different from director Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spiderman movie (which I will refer to as Spiderman: Original […]