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Christopher Nolan’s Next Adventure

Christopher Nolan with IMAX camera

Hey everyone, be quiet. I’ve got some great news. Christopher Nolan is directing a new film. It’s called Interstellar and it’s science fiction and it stars one Matthew McConaughey.  So far all we know about the premise is that it features “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” Not much to […]

A Second Look at 2012

Movies of 2012

All right, it’s 2013. Has been for almost a month now, which means it’s time for a second look at the movies of 2012. If you’re new to the site, I write these “Second Look At” articles to discuss the past year’s movies that I plan to rewatch. They may not be the best movies […]

What I’m Watching at Home: Punch-Drunk Love

PunchDrunkLove - Netflix

Viewed on December 22, 2012 on Netflix Streaming This was my third time watching this movie, and it’s still just as entertaining as the first time. Easily my favorite Adam Sandler movie. He’s played the troubled simpleton before, but never so interestingly. I’m actually invested in this character and would want to follow his life […]


What’s it about? “A 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as “the Master” whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter who becomes his right-hand man.” — IMDB via YouTube Who made it? Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Who’s in it? Philip Seymour […]