About Me

Nic Small

I like stories more than I like most things. Give them to me in movies, episodically via TV, in books, audiobooks, in song lyrics or overhead on a train. Just give them to me. There’s not a lot of things I enjoy more than losing myself in a fictional world. How else can I live a thousand different lives, experience a thousand different adventures, learn a thousand different things about life?

Sure, part of it is just escapism, but a larger part is my search for understanding. Stories take life and break it down into easier-to-understand pieces, pieces my mind can more easily grapple with. Stories help me—help us all—connect better. This site is my dedication to story and the art forms they come in.

The thoughts on this site are my own. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them.

Want to email me? smallnicblog@gmail.com