Kevin Smith Turns Justin Long Into a Walrus in Tusk

Justin Long in Kevin Smith's Tusk-Featured

If you enjoyed Kevin Smith’s foray into the horror genre with 2011′s Red State, you’re in for a treat. The renown director is tackling the macabre again with this year’s Tusk (release date unknown). It stars Justin Long as a podcast host who gets kidnapped by one of his guests, played by Michael Parks (who you might remember as the priest fromRed State). It seems Parks’s character has designs on turning Long’s character into a human walrus.

The movie will also star Haley Joel Osment (remember him?) as Long’s cohost who, along with Long’s girlfriend played by Genesis Rodriguez, goes in search of him. Don’t believe any of this? See the full picture below yourself:

As of yet there is no word whether Long’s tusk-mouth will be surgically sewn onto another human-walrus’s butt in some sort of human-walrus-centipede fashion, but we can only hope so.

I’m actually more of a fan of The Human Centipede films than I am of Red State, so I’m totally down for whatever weirdness this will end up being. And it does look so very weird right now.

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