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My Month With MoviePass: December 2013

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Do you remember how close I came to seeing 10 movies in theaters in November? I’d be surprised if you did. Nine. I saw nine movies in the eleventh month, and then I made it my goal to see an even ten in December, which was a month full of new releases, many of them […]

My Month With MoviePass: November 2013

My Month With MoviePass - November 2013

What a fine month November was for movie viewing. I saw nine movies in theaters, visited a new theater in Annapolis, MD, and got to watch a live Q&A with the funny Steve Coogan. Not bad at all (even if I did have my heart set on seeing ten movies). What’s even greater is the […]

My Month With MoviePass: October 2013

My Month With MoviePass - November 2013

Normally, seeing five movies in a month would be satisfying, but this October was so chock-full of movies I wanted to see that even as I walked into one theater, full of excitement for the story I was about to enter, I couldn’t help but think about all the other movies I still needed to see. (Yes, “needed to […]

My Month With MoviePass: September 2013

My Month With MoviePass - November 2013

I don’t remember when my dad began regularly taking me to movies. My earliest movie memory dates back to 1990, when we saw Dick Tracy at the Loews Cineplex Cinema 5 in Fresh Meadows, NY. I would have been seven years old then. The reason I probably remember that is because my mom came with […]

My Month With MoviePass: August 2013

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“Time is a face on the water.” – Stephen King, The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass Writing these monthly MoviePass recaps is making me realize just how quickly time sails by. It feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was googling random facts about August to dazzle you guys, and now I’m […]

My Month With MoviePass: July 2013

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Ah, here we are again. One month has ended, and another has begun. Time marches ever onward. August, we welcome you with open arms. You signify the near-end of 90 degree weather, the imminence of autumn with its wonderful holidays, as well as the end of another month spent with MoviePass. I bet you didn’t […]

My Month With MoviePass: June 2013

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Hey everybody. It’s July. Do you know what that means besides an absurd increase in the heat index? It means I’ve been a member of MoviePass for a month now. If you don’t know or don’t remember, MoviePass is a new service that allows you to see one movie a day at theaters for a […]